Movicon Pro.Lean

Every modern company operating in the Industry4.0 age needs simple and efficient tools to ensure connectivity, data collection, aggregation and analysis,with minimum and rapid return of investment (ROI).The production and manufacturing context, in today’sincreasingly competitive world, demands efficiency,quality and continuously improving processes according to the “Lean Manufacturing” philosophy and Industry4.0 guidelines. Automation systems that manage manufacturing production can only be optimized based on real-time data. The Movicon.NExTTM Pro.Lean© module offers maximum efficiency and leverages Progea’s vastexperience in the industrial automation software sector. Production lines are normally subjected to events that cause their performance efficiency to decline in respect to their potential: malfunctions, downtimes, waste and rejects all contribute to reducing productivity, often causing financial losses to companies and leaving them to deal with the consequences without the ability to apply effective countermeasures. The knowledge of the real-time performance indicators (KPI) allow you to calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) values to discover the calculate efficiency of your production plant. It is then easy to
understand how a small investment, allowing to acquire knowledge of critical data and to use them to optimize the production efficiency, can lead to a significant increase in business revenues. Even a small percentual increase in performances and loss reductions will generate substantial financial gains. In addition, data management and interconnections to ERP, within the Industry 4.0 enables digitalization of production processes, reduce errors and machine downtimes. Other features such as production Traceability, Scheduling and Maintenance , make Pro.Lean the open and adaptable ideal solution to any production system