Anybus Communitor

Nearly all machines and devices in operation today have a serial or CAN based RS-232/422/485 interface. Most of them perform well, but lack an interface to fieldbus or industrial Ethernet. This is where the Anybus Communicator gateway comes in.It takes your existing device as is and enables it to be connected to an industrial PLC control system without any hardware changes and programing
Anybus ommunicator for serial RS-232/422/485 devices using Modbus RTU/DF1/ASCII or any vendor specific protocol With the anybus communicator you can connect  you non-networked device to any major fielbus or industrial Ethernet network.The Communicator performs an intelligent conversion between the RS232/422/485 protocol of the automation device and the chosen industrial network.This compact gateway consumes very littel space in a swithching cabinet and easily mounted on a standard Din rail.
Features and benefits• Convert almost any RS-232/422/485 Request/Response or Produce/Consume protocol in just a few minutes — For
example Modbus RTU, ASCII, DF1.
• Pre-defined for Modbus RTU. Avoid the hassle of scripting and serial Modbus frame building with the 6-step Modbus
RTU wizard.
• No hardware or software changes are required for the connected automation device
• Compatible with PLCs from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric etc.
• Complete protocol conversion performed by the Communicator, no PLC function blocks required
• Handy Save/Load function means a completed configuration can be re-used for many other installations
• Included “Anybus Configuration Manager” with flexible serial frame building capabilities
• Versions with Dual Port switched Ethernet allows for daisy chaining and eliminates the need for external switches
• Global free technical support and consultancy

Anybus Communicator CAN makes it possible to connect devices with a CAN-port to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. TheAnybus Communicator CAN performs an intelligent conversion between a CAN-based protocol of an
automation device and the chosen fieldbus/Ethernet network. The Communicator CAN is a compact gateway that consumes very little
space in a switching cabinet and is easily mountedonto a standard DIN rail. 

Features and benefits
• CAN protocol converter gateways connecting CAN devices to fieldbus/Ethernet networks
• Support for custom CAN 1.0, 2.0A and 2.0B protocols
• Handles mixed Produce/Consume and Request/Response protocols and transactions
• No hardware or software changes needed to your devices
• No PLC code or function blocks required
• Compatible with PLCs from all leading manufacturers
• Versions with Dual Port switched Ethernet allows for daisy chaining and eliminates the need for external switches
• High performance, fast throughput, max 5 ms
• Anybus Configuration Manager included for easy visual CAN frame building
• Dynamic transaction controlled by network master
• Global free technical support and consultancy