Movicon 11.6

What are the advantages?
A single platform to design both supervision applications for large plants and small HMIs for embedded systems.

It offers a single software platform, a single Editor from Windows ™ 10 (Win32 / 64) to Windows ™ CE. Thanks to this feature, you can keep a single software in the company.

Fully XML based. The platform has always been open to integration and customization with the world of Windows ™ applications. Projects can be grouped into hierarchical structures and distributed or shared.

Powerful and simple editor
It offers a simple, complete and intuitive configuration environment, designed to reduce design time. Numerous integrated functions to guarantee rich and simply configurable projects using ready-to-use objects or resources.

I / O Drivers,OPC UA and DA connectivity
It has a complete and native library of I / O communication drivers for all devices and PLCs on the market, to ensure the maximum possible connectivity. In addition to the free and included driver library, Movicon ™ 11 offers full connectivity via OPC UA and DA, both as a client and as a server.

It guarantees excellent performance even on Embedded PCs, thanks to a renewed concept of “exception-based” technology and to concepts of optimized real-time data management. The logging functions also offer open, high-performance and reliable solutions.

Data logging on DB
The process data are stored on Data Loggers with any relational DB, or in encrypted format. Data logging transparently uses ODBC technology to make your project independent of any type of database.