Movicon WEBHMI


What are the advantages?
Movicon technology for WebHMI is the visualization solution that allows you to always achieve maximum success with minimum effort.

It uses the Connext I / O Data Server, which is part of the WebHMI solution and allows connectivity to all PLCs and via OPC UA. However, it is open to connection to any other OPC UA Server.

WebHMI projects are created with Movicon.NExT ™ which adapts its functions based on the target destination.

Born to be cross-platform and hardware independent, WebHMI supports both Linux and Windows.

Compliant with standards
It is a software technology completely based on market standards, from which openness and reliability derive.

Maximum Security
Security is guaranteed both in data management between client and server, and in User and Password management thanks to different authentication models.

Web based
Movicon WebHMI is totally web based and uses HTML5 and SVG technologies, leaving the graphics entirely on the browser on the web client side.