Control Cabinet Industrial PC

BECKHOFF Industrial  PC Control for all application
 The personal computer has experienced an unprecedented success story and has become a firmly established part of everyday life, including industrial environments. Together with associated software, PCs in different shapes and forms are at the core of a wide range of diverse automation tasks such as control of machines, processes or logistics systems, networking of system components, data acquisition, or image processing. For classic control tasks, PC-based control technology offers excellent scalability and flexibility and is therefore increasingly used in place of hardware PLCs. 
Beckhoff is one of the pioneers of PC-based automation: the first PC control system was delivered as early as 1986. Beckhoff Industrial PCs are characterised by a wealth of technology know-how accumulated over recent years. In combination with the TwinCAT automation software, they offer a high-performance control system for PLC, NC and CNC functionalities.

Beckhoff Industrial PCs satisfy industry’s demands:
  • the right Industrial PC for every controller
  • highest performance PCs with Intel® Celeron® up to Intel® Core™ i7 processors
  • PCs with low power consumption with Intel® Mobile processors
  • open standards following the norm ATX
  • components carefully tested to ensure appropriateness for industrial applications
  • appealing industrial design housings
  • easy access to PC components
  • Individual housing construction allows optimum adaptation to controller requirements.
  • integration of electromechanical buttons, switches, scanner, handwheel and other components in the Control Panel