Embedded PC

Modular DIN rail Industrial PCs
With the Embedded PCs of the CX series, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level on a DIN rail unit in the control cabinet. The CX device series combines the worlds of Industrial PC and hardware PLC and is suitable for all performance control tasks. The modular system of the CX series can be configured to match the task in hand: by adding or omitting units and interfaces, only those components that the system actually requires are installed on the DIN rail in the control cabinet or terminal box. Installation space and costs are reduced.
 The components
The individual system components of the CX series come as modules in standard widths of 19 mm or 22 mm, that can be connected in series. The basic unit for the CX20x2, CX2000 and CX10x0 series consists of a CPU module and a separate power supply module. The CX8000, CX8100, CX9020, CX5000 and CX5100 Embedded PCs integrate CPU and power supply in a single unit. Depending on the CX type, the controllers can be expanded through further system interfaces. The range of optional modules is complemented by fieldbus connections for PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, SERCOS interface and Lightbus, both as master or slave versions.
In contrast to the other CX device families, the CX8000, CX8100, CX9020, CX5100 and CX5000 series have a fixed, non-expandable number of system interfaces. The devices from the CX8000 and CX8100 series are mainly used as programmable fieldbus slaves, while both the CX9020 and X5000/CX5100 offer an optional fieldbus master or slave interface.The optional interface, a common feature of all second-generation CX devices (CX9020, CX5000, CX5100, CX2000 and CX20x2), is an interface that can be configured ex factory with various signal types. These devices are also characterized by a further important feature: the automatic K-bus/E-bus detection enables the use of both types of I/O terminals without additional expenditure.EtherCAT integration offers a wide range of expansion capability. Further master/slave fieldbus connections or communication interfaces and all other signal types accessible via EtherCAT can be directly connected as EtherCAT Terminals.